On a worldwide scale, successful landing pages produce over 47% more sales than sending visitors to a website’s home page.


Making a first impression is not only important to make a connection but is often used as a chance to convince someone to take an action.

When there is a lot of information offered on a website, it sometimes can be overwhelming and may not assist the buyer to make a decision right away. On the other hand, landing pages are created specifically for marketing objectives, such as, book appointments, sign up for a free service or request information.

Due to high relevancy and user experience, landing pages are 95% more effective than websites to convert a visit into a sale.

How can we help with Landing Page?

Our landing page experts work with the designer to create a beautiful and aesthetic design which could help to achieve campaign goal. In most cases, a landing page is designed to accompany a paid search or social campaign, therefore, we keep the information relevant to the ad copy and conversion goal.

We also implement a backend reporting system that helps businesses know user interaction and behaviour when they land or convert through a landing page. We do A/B tests on different variables to increase conversion rate and track performance for each variable using tools like Instapage and Optimizely.

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