Search advertising is the most easiest way to be on top of Google search results for your keywords. Unlike SEO, you can get instant traffic!


Search advertising is an effective way to show your website or brand on top of Google search results. It helps small businesses to get instant visibility for their keywords.

As a business owner, you might have to spend a lot of money on SEO and wait longer to see organic traffic on your website. With paid search ads or display ads, you can choose to place your brand on top utilizing keywords your potential customers might be using to search for your business or your competitors. An advertiser can run ads for a suitable per day budget and pays only when the ad is clicked.

Paid Search

How can we help with Search Advertising?

We start by learning about your goals, budget and target audience. We prepare a campaign architecture to effectively spread target keywords, ad copy and services across different ad campaigns or ad groups. Once the campaign is ready and approved, we launch it on Google AdWords or Bing, or both.

The campaign strategy is aligned with a custom budget, schedule, demographic and frequency. Our experts monitor click data and optimise bids, keywords and make necessary adjustments to ad copy. We do this continuously until we see positive ROI on search campaigns.

As every campaign performs differently, it is critical for us to confine a custom bid, position and keyword strategy. At the end of the month, we generate a comprehensive report that is meaningful and easy-to-understand for business owners.

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